In june I was asked to contribute to the next Eight magazine. Eight magazine is a free magazine published throughout the Netherlands and in Copenhagen by HUB footwear to promote new artists. The magazine is in international A3 size and all the illustrations are ready to be cut out and framed to be put on your wall. Really nice idea for a free magazine I think. The theme in this issue was "the city where you live", and the city name had to be incorporated into the illustration.

And another thing I really love is that Killian Eng is on the opposite side of the spread. I remember first seeing his amazing work as a jury member at Kolla some years ago. We all loved it so much, and unanimously awarded him the gold award in the student category. I would strongly recommend to check out his work here, here and here.

Also check out the other very talented contributors Jordy Van Den Nieuwendjik, Oliver Bierauge, Gwènola Carrère, Oliver Hofmann, Philipp Dornbierer and Miss Lotion.


10/10/2011 4:57am



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